Another NASA`s asteroid-capture mission

Today, guys, we have news about some another NASA idea, the asteroid-capture mission, which is planned for 2020.

This is how it will look like: a big robotic probe “hand” will drag a boulder to lunar orbit, which astronauts will then visit in 2025. The last decision that had to be taken was to pluck a boulder off a big space rock rather than grab an entire near-Earth object.

NB: The cost of the robotic component of ARM — that is, the capture/redirect mission, without any astronaut visits —will be capped at $1.25 billion, not including the launch vehicle. 

This asteroid-reaserch mission will help us understand how best to deflect asteroids posing a threat to Earth. By the way, these plans are quite important for the space industry overall and for our future bootcamp in particular – who will tell us that the space elevator idea is insane after all these stories about NASA´s #cosmic #robohand?


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