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ESA´s Experimental Vehicle succesfully trained to return from space

While we are busy preparing for Space Elevator research, rocket science is not asleep: the European Space Agency launched their Intermediate eXperimental Vehicle (IXV) from the spaceport Kourou in French Guiana. The flight is part of the search for new means to deliver astronauts and cargo to orbit and make reusable space transport vehicles happen. The vehicle’s entry speed […]

How to Maximise Future Freedom of Action

Alex Wissner-Gross suggest: “Pretend that you’re an alien race that doesn’t know anything about Earth biology or Earth neuroscience or Earth intelligence, but you have amazing telescopes and you’re able to watch the Earth, and you have amazingly long lives, so you’re able to watch the Earth over millions, even billions of years. And you […]

Space Elevator – General Cutting-Edge Review

Definition A space elevator is a system for lifting payloads, and eventually people, from the Earth’s surface into space. Abstract Yuri Artsutanov first proposed the idea in 1960, and up until 15-20 years ago it was purely in the realm of science fiction. But Sumio Iijima’s discovery of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) in 1990 and Bradley […]

A Brief History of Space Exploration

Will the space elevator be the Panama canal of the 21st century? Which economic system will we embrace in the next decades – cyber communism or libertarian anarchy? Will our solar system be a meritocratic system or bureaucratic in nature? Will our first space colony be on the Mars or on the Moon? Did you know […]

Building a Space Elevator by 2050: grand vision or utter nonsense?

Japanese construction company Obayashi caused quite a stir in September 2014 when they promised to build and operate a Space Elevator by 2050, based on anticipated further developments in carbon nanotechnology. There were quite a few voices claiming it was all empty words to create hype and promote the company, but they did succeed in reinvigorating the discussion (and having their concept page listed […]

Is a Space Elevator possible at all?

“We need a road to space, but today we have just rockets”, says Markus Landgraf in his TEDx speech about the possibility of building an Elevator to Space. Watching the video is highly suggested! At 15:10 min he shows a spool of nanothreads, one of the most important factors making the physical existence of a Space Elevator […]