A Brief History of Space Exploration

Will the space elevator be the Panama canal of the 21st century? Which economic system will we embrace in the next decades – cyber communism or libertarian anarchy? Will our solar system be a meritocratic system or bureaucratic in nature? Will our first space colony be on the Mars or on the Moon? Did you know that NASA’s budget in 2015 is bigger than originally requested?

These are the questions we ask ourselves about the future, but take a look back at how we started this grand human endeavor and how far we’ve come in so little time.


One more mind-blowing fact: it has taken us not even 58 years, from December 17, 1903 to April 12, 1961, to develop our technology from first human flight on earth to first human in space. We’re now 54 years removed from that great achievement of our species. What do you think will we be able to achieve in the next four years?

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