One market under God

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America is obsessed with money.

You are obsessed with money.

If you are a white, well educated adult man with an income higher than $ 200000 per year, I can tell you something about your life.

You work hard and you hate your bills, because they force you to think about money all the time.

You like your life in general, but you want to get enough money to finally forget that you’re enslaved to this modus vivendi.

Maybe you have created your startup (brand new application for pizza delivery) because you are tired of having to wait for your Margarita on Friday, 7 pm.

Sometimes you think about moving to California. Your friends tell you that Silicon Valley investors want to give their billions to everyone who can give them a good three minute elevator pitch.

You love your family.

Your woman kisses you on the one cheek and pulls money out of your pocket.

Your kid kisses you on the other cheek and pulls money out of another pocket. And you like it, and you just want the cash in your pocket to keep on giving.

You are forty years old or close to it and you have already forgotten how to move on to new achievements.

I understand you – you don’t give a damn about manifests calling you to change your life and realizing your childhood dream. You are too old for this.

You have developed an immunity, a resistance against all thoughts and actions that could tempt you to stray on your way to the serene chair days.

You are okay, you are fine.

And you are right, right in your choice.

But real life holds a gift in store for you.

It`s a new gold rush for resources in space – a space rush.

The US government has started to regulate the space market for valuable resources, which will soon be brought to Earth by space mining companies funded by technology giants like Google Inc. Rumors and research tell us that there are tonnes and tonnes of gold and platinum floating above your head, and very soon humanity will find a way to prospect those.

Of course, people don’t need that many rare metals (okay, maybe some tech companies to built their cutting-edge chips), but it is very simple to calculate all risks and benefits related to the metal trade market.

It is much more difficult to understand what will happen to the economy when most stable currency – gold – ceases to hold that title.

Now the bad news:

There is no way for you to get involved in the space rush – it requires truly crazy minds, it requires technological background knowledge.

You can go right now to Google Trends and watch the space minіng dynamics and then return to your pizza delivery app. Maybe afterwards you will want to search for some “space mining” news at TechCrunch (don’t miss the new Elon Musk tweet about his fears surrounding artificial intelligence and don’t forget to take a look at what new crazy ventures the founder of SpaceX is investing in).

Maybe after all of this you will see that the world is changing and that by simply continuing your nice life in your big house you will be missing out on something very, very important? Or have you already missed it?

If you are smart, you might want to call your broker and ask about futures for water delivery on Mars. When these futures are in the media, it will be too late.

And now go and write a few lines of code for your pizza app. Because this Friday the delivery man will be late again. I am sure.

You can.

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