Why we need to design a Planetary Defense Policy

“If the dinosaurs had a space program, they would still be here.”

Continuing the asteroid theme from yesterday, this unattributed quote illustrates with a good dose of bluntness why asteroid detection, deflection, and mining is so critical to the survival of humanity. Many objects have struck earth in the past and it will continue until we are able to build what you could call the earth’s “force shield”. For now this job will have to be done by rockets but eventually might be achieved by more permanently installed machinery.

In his wonderfully succinct paper “A Planetary Defense Policy”, Al Globus calls on every spacefaring nation to dedicate 1% of their space budgets to go towards this important cause. Read the full text to learn more about the reasons and ways of going about it.


You can also check out his wonderful page space.alglobus.net

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